Lochmann Engineering and Associates offers the excitement of an up and coming company along with the sound rationale of a seasoned firm. The most valuable resource we have is our people: energetic and innovative personnel who enjoy working with proven scientific methods while thriving on the creativity required to enhance new frontiers within the space industry.

Working at LEA means tackling tough analytical problems while effectively functioning alongside our valued customers. We aim to please our customers with our experience, expertise and our business ethics which are expected to be at the highest level. We value talent, intelligence, teamwork, reliability, follow-through, innovation and integrity.

Because we value or employees and believe that people thrive when they are direct recipients in their company’s success, LEA offers all of its personnel the opportunity to purchase stock. We also believe that the sharing of company profits with our employees will in turn offer value-added support to our customers. In short, motivated, enthusiastic and appreciated employees will be energized to “get the job done.”

At LEA, we are looking for exceptional people who believe passionately in furthering the United States’ edge in the space industry. We are looking for people who are committed to providing excellent service and who wish to bring their extraordinary talents to a firm that believes in them and their capabilities. If you are interested in being considered for a position at LEA, please email your resume to Lea Ratay or fax to 480-773-6406.